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About Us

Logs & Kindling

We are more than just about kindling

We are a family run professional business. I’ve been around the industry since I was 12 helping my father with his business Wood As Fuel which is an established firewood company.

Over the years we have built up a great clientèle supplying the best hard and soft wood logs around. We have a great customer base due to our friendly and trusted service and welcome new customers. We are always happy to share our knowledge on firewood and arboriculture.

After securing various tickets in the industry I started a small tree team that has developed over the years, covering all aspects of tree work, hedge work and stump removal.

All members of the team are friendly, hard working and all with the relevant NTPC skilled qualifications. No job is too BIG or SMALL and stay true to my word. I only use the best climbers and groundsman to carry out all of our work to the highest standard. Please don’t hesitate to read our testimonials from various satisfied customers.

In 2010 I decided to buy a kindlet kindling machine to produce my own kindling wood made out of the finest soft wood. All kindling is barn stored and dry. We provide a high volume of bags wholesale and household. We cater for all orders no matter how small or large.

Over the last 8 years we’ve built up plenty of customers for firewood part of the business.

The tree department has progressed at a rapid rate. Always pushing forward never looking back, everyone in the firm is enjoying the WGS journey.

Woodsure Approved

WGS is proud to announce it is now a certified Firewood and Kindling supplier. We have been strictly vetted by Woodsures ready to burn scheme and we passed with flying colours.
If you’d like to find out more about the scheme please click on their website to find out more.

All of our wood and kindling is 20% or below in moisture content which means better burning efficiency, Warmer fires and much less harmful smoke into the atmosphere.

Why buy wood from WGS ?

• The fuel will be the right size, ensuring your boiler feed system doesn’t block.

• The fuel will have the right moisture content for your boiler/stove to work at optimum efficiency.

• It provides a guarantee that the fuel you buy meets recognised standards and fulfils the required specification for your appliance, securing your warranty.

•Product labelling is consistent across suppliers, enabling the customer to make an informed choice.

•The Woodsure Plus standard will ensure that the fuel is sourced from a sustainably managed woodland, where the trees cut down to fuel your boiler are replaced, locking up more carbon in the process.

• Burning quality low moisture firewood 🪵 can also do a job of cleaning 🧹 your chimney and burner.
If you smoke it clogs up your lungs 🫁, so imagine what happens to your chimneys and flues when you burn wet and sapped filled logs.