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Air Drying Firewood

  • WGS Blog 

Naturally air drying firewood is something we do with most of our stock apart from kiln dried wood.
We have a warehouse and multiple large Polly tunnels where the firewood is stored after being cut and processed. To meet demand we will have to add another 1-2 drying tunnels. This will allow us to stock even more wood during the warmer months of the year so the wood you buy is consistently good all year round.

• The drying stores are used all year round but packed to the rafters over the spring and summer. During this time all wood wether In nets or bulk bags can be as little as 7% -15% moisture content.

• Our ash & hard wood is good quality and just as good as the kiln dried firewood. The only thing is as demand for our cheaper products become greater I would always recommend buying your logs between spring and summer months if you have good storage space to stack. You will be organised for the winter 🥶 and fully stocked up the the cold months ahead.