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Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs (Bulk Bag)


Per builders bag

Hardwood – Firewood will burn for longer than softwood, and the embers that remain will create heat for a longer period.
A fire using hardwood logs won’t create as many blims and is much less likely to spit.
It also generates less smoke as softwood.
Hardwood is much more suited to open fires 🔥.

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Per builders bag

Hardwood kiln dried logs will provide good heat and will burn for longer than soft wood. There will also be virtually no spitting embers which means the wood is safe to use on open fires.

Kiln dried logs are dried in a large kiln. This process is much quicker than seasoning and allows for significantly more consistent drying.

With kiln-dried firewood you are pretty much guaranteed a low moisture content (from 20% to as low as 9%). This makes it ideal for getting a fire going for hours with minimal tending and ensures a “clean”, safe burn every time.

Kiln-dried firewood is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor fires, as it can burn long and bright in pizza ovens, open fires, wood burners, and firepits – while ensuring minimal smoke and ash.

Kiln dried logs are also easier to light than other types of log, meaning you can spend less time worrying about getting your fire going and more time enjoying the warm fire.

Plus, the low moisture content ensures that you’ll use less wood to achieve the same amount of heat output, saving you money and time spent refilling your wood burne or open fires. 🔥

So, kiln dried logs are more efficient than seasoned logs, and they’re quicker to light and keep going. For wood burning stoves or indoor fires, kiln dried logs are the perfect option for a consistent fire every time. Plus, the lower moisture content in the wood means there’s less chance of the wood blackening the glass of your stove over time, which is a common problem with wet or improperly seasoned wood.