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Why buy kiln dried logs ?

  • WGS Blog 

Kiln dried logs is dried to anywhere between 5-20% moisture content. It’s a fantastic wood that I would recommend to all customers but especially the novice burner.

The reason for this is due to the fact you can light a couple of fire lighters, add the logs to the fire either on top of a small amount of kindling or none at all and you will get an instant fire with great heat and long lasting flame.

As a beginner you want to be able to start your fire with ease. With kiln dried you certainly get that.
The wood is great for solid fuel boilers, campfires, open fires, wood burners, wood fuelled pizzas-ovens.

Stove manufacturers will always recommend kiln dried and it’s for good reason.
It produces more heat and is less harmful to the atmosphere.

The flames are regular and long lasting which will save the pennies in the long run and also prolong the life of your boiler.

It will also help to clean your flue as well as the glass on your stoves.

Kiln dried logs is definitely in my opinion the most eco friendly way to fuel your burners.
Definitely a great product all round.

We stock kiln dried all year so pick up that phone or take a look on our online store. Don’t delay, order today! 🔥🔥